Nadine Baldow - Mutation II - polyurethane installation - Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin - Vanessa Souli - Marc Wellmann - 2021

MUTATION II   2021 / polyurethane, nylon, acrylic / 290 x 470 x 380 / Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

EARTH, t. b. a.
Curated by Vanessa Souli

Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin



COVID-19, California Fires, Australian ecosystem collapse. What is going on in the world? Are we experiencing a new phase of human existence or are these terrifying phenomena still to be considered ‘natural’? How do we imagine our world to be like in some years from now and more importantly, how do we want our world to be in the future?

The exhibition EARTH, t. b. a. is to be understood as part of the Anthropocene exhibition series, conceived by curator Vanessa Souli, which explores the broader relationship of humans to their immediate, as well as global, natural and social environment. An unofficial term used to describe the current period in Earth’s history when human actions have a visible impact on the regulation of climate and the balance of ecosystems, the Anthropocene is an increasingly important concept that encompasses all aspects of human activity on Earth.

The project presents a series of scenarios of future life on Earth that oscillate between imagination and documentation. The selected works, which are mainly site-specific installations, are imaginary investigations of post-apocalyptic rural and urban landscapes as a result of human influence on nature and architecture. Specifically, the exhibition aims to generate a conversation around the following global issues:

• Environmental disasters and their impact on marginalised communities (climate change)
• Civilization waste of high-tech societies (e-waste)
• Cultural identity and memory in a globalised world (globalisation)
• Biological interventions in species (hybridisation)

As the main research focus of the respective artists, these questions open the dialogue through different interpretations of the motif of landscape.