Nadine Baldow Leitrim Sculpture Centre Landmarks Sean O'Reilly Installationart Ireland

LANDMARKS I   2020, raw unwashed sheep wool, sheepmarking spray, timber, chickenwire / 2,80 x 10,00 x 12,00 / curated by Sean O'Reilly /  Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland

Nadine Baldow (b. 1990, Dresden, Germany) is an artist based in Berlin whose work predominately addresses the complex relationship between “culture” and “nature” and their ongoing impact on each other. She is observing this relationship on many different levels and raises questions like: Are we still part of nature? What is 'nature' after all? Could our planet, as we ourselves have shaped it, be what 'true nature' is? The scenarios she builds through the mediums of installation, intervention, sculpture, and photography could be considered as philosophical thought experiments that take into consideration the socio-cultural and economic backgrounds that define an environment. 


Driven by the idea that humans have become a natural force on a geological scale Baldow focused on the local landscape during her residency in Leitrim and the question of how humans in collaboration with the sheep restructure and pattern the land. Baldow's installation “LANDMARKS I” for the Leitrim Sculpture Centre consists of more than half a ton of raw unwashed sheep wool, that is marked with paint. This stratification of the animal's byproduct is placed in correlation with other works that address the interplay between human and natural systems from a geological perspective.